Flap Discs

Flap discs providing a silent and vibration free working environment, has also proven to be a viable alternative for cutting and grinding discs. Inter Abrasiv, the company with a notable share in the global flap disc market, supplies a wide selection of discs worldwide.

          INTER manufactures 4 million square meters of flap disc cloth every year. This aproximately makes about 66.000 jumbo rolls and 85 million flap discs. Only 16 million of these flap discs are produced in INTER factories. While doing so, quality department controls and makes sure the product quality is always consistent and is correspondent with OSA standards and European Norms.

 In order to maintain quality INTER performs 10.000 flap disc tests ever year.

          In the past years, INTER has developed a comprehensive range of flap disc cloths. Very able to reach and respond to the every request of the customer on flap discs.

Cotton Cloth Concept

These are 100% cotton cloths with special binder coating on the back side for better ply adhesion of the epoxy glue, and special treatment on the abrasive side for better grain anchorage. These products are perfect for easy sanding with less pressure and low power watt machines.

ZA Hybrid grains. Blue cloth, light blue color abrasive side.

AO grains. High impact resistant and durable.

Silicon Carbide Grains used for stone, marble and cast sanding.

Poly-cotton Cloth Concept

50% polyester and 50% cotton cloths. High resistance cloth for heavy duty applications. Special treatments on both side of the cloth for better ply adhesion of the epoxy and the grains.

 Zirconia abrasive and light brown colored cloth with active fillers.

Impact resistant Aluminum Oxide grains with light brown colored cloth side.

 100% High-tech ZA grains. Light brown cloth, dark blue color abrasive side. High stock removal from start to finish, extra-long life span. Intensive stock removal of stainless steel with considerable amount of cost and time savings. Potential of this cloth can be observed better with heavy-duty grinding machines with higher Watt power.

Ceramic flap disc with completely different formula for the best performance in its category. Longest life span with the strongest cloth. Works in every condition